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Jane Dee 
Organizing Consultant
Get organized, move forward 508.395.0594
You might need an organizer if:
  • You find you're missing due dates
  • You are tired of moving the piles around
  • You do not feel serene and comfortable in your environment

The benefits of working with Arrange of Options:
  • Increased efficiency, saving you time and money
  • You feel empowered to move forward with your goals
  • You start each day with peace of mind

What my clients say:  Paperwork Paralysis
"Now that you have helped to put some systems in place it will streamline that oh so consuming paperwork so I do not have to feel OVERWHELMED. Sometimes I would feel paralyzed from all the disorganization. Thanks to you, your valuable time and help, I feel more confident with my business and hope to turn that important corner that the disorganization has been holding me back from. I also want to say how impressed I am with how above and beyond my expectations you went."  Penny Young

What Can I Do For You?
Guide you through the transitions: reclaiming, downsizing...
Organize your closet so you can get ready in less time
Teach you how to maintain order
Streamline processes
Plan to use your space efficiently
Assemble the papers that are here, there and everywhere
Change your kitchen into an inviting & efficient space
Enable you to make the most of your remodel

Allow you time to explore other options with your time because the stuff is under control.
You have a range of options to choose from regarding how you spend your time, money, energy and focus. You can try to do it all or you can contact ARRANGE OF OPTIONS to help you simplify and organize so you can move forward.


ARRANGE OF OPTIONS is located in Natick, Massachusetts, primarily serving Boston and the Metro West area.

Jane Dee