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Why should I hire an organizer?
Maybe you have tried to get organized before, but for whatever reason it never quite pans out. It’s not everybody’s strong suit. Maybe you don’t know how to get started. Maybe you find it easier to have a partner on a project. Whatever the reason, an organizer brings training and experience to the project and keeps it on track.

What should I expect?
To participate in the process, it’s about working with you to work through the obstacles and make decisions to achieve your goals. Things often get worse before they get better. There is no magic wand. To organize a closet, you have to empty it; the same is true of cabinets, desks and dressers. If you have taken steps before but are experiencing some backsliding, you should realize that is normal and rather than giving in, it’s just time to get back on track.

Will I have to give up my stuff?
You decide what stays and what goes. I will guide you on decisions based on priorities and space limitations, but you make the decisions.

What happens to my stuff?

The stuff you have decided to keep will be worked into the plan. We will determine the options for relocation, donation, etc. based on your preferences and the resources available.

Can I hire you for someone else?

Yes, however it should not be a surprise. In order to get organized you have to be ready and willing to make changes; even if you think someone needs it, they may not be there yet.

Do you work with children?

Yes, like most people children want to be heard. Successful organizing is directly related to listening.

ARRANGE OF OPTIONS is located in Natick, Massachusetts, primarily serving Boston and the Metro West area.

Jane Dee