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Jane Dee 
Organizing Consultant
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Arrange of Options Offers a Range of Solutions

Hands on Organizing:

I work with you to sort, purge, plan and implement a solution. Great for those who work better with a partner.


I assess the situation and provide a plan so you have a map to navigate your way. Great for those who just feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Classes, Workshops & Speaking Engagements:

I frequently speak at local events and provide workshops and classes on organizational strategies to help people take back control of their space and better manage their lives. If you are interested in having me speak at your next event, please
contact me.
  Group Sessions:

You can gather a group of friends and family for an in home presentation. You pick the subject; I do a presentation followed by a Q&A session. This is a fun way to get started on your organizing goals.

Virtual Organizing:

If time and or distance are a challenge, we can communicate virtually.

Paper Management
Receipts and Papers and Bills Oh My! From students to seniors, we all have paperwork to deal with. What do you do with all of it? This is an area I specialize in and can put together a system that works for you.

Photo Organizing
You printed them, now what?  It's time to sort through all those photo's and store them properly.

Whether it’s a clothes or utility closet, most can be transformed in a day.  Time well spent to have an organized space.

Space Planning
Maximize existing space, avoid costly oversights with remodels.  It's not about how much space you have, it's about how you use it.

If it makes sense you can make dinner, eliminating excess and streamlining steps make it possible.  The heart of the home should not cause indigestion.

Learning how to manage time, projects and stuff.  

ARRANGE OF OPTIONS is located in Natick, Massachusetts, primarily serving Boston and the Metro West area.

Jane Dee